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MMFiles News

8 Apr 2003 - Many changes, url formats, categories, preview mode

We made many changes at mmfiles, this includes changing listing URL formats, categories URL format, categories structure, added "external url' preview mode, and more. Read more in the forum topic and let us know what you think.

15 May 2012 - New forum at mmfiles

We created a forum so that members can easily stay in touch and share opinions. You can view the forum or comment about it on this topic.

22 Nov 2011 - New file categories (PHP, JavaScript, Graphics, Themes, etc)

Weeks ago we placed a poll asking if you want these additional categories besides flash, over 86% said yes, so we decided to make these available. Authors are invited to submit any files from these additional categories.

1 Sep 2011 - Minimum 3 votes to calculate rating

From now on, listings with under 3 votes will show no rating, it will help you better identify top rating items, for example a listing with one vote of 5/5 stars will not be on top, unless it has 3 or more votes.

11 Aug 2011 - Seller and buyer ranks indicator

Next to user's avatar you will see two bar indicators, these are seller and buyer ranks, read more here.

22 Jun 2011 - New licensing options available

Authors can now set additional prices for "extended license" and "developer license". To learn more, view the licenses page.

10 Jun 2011 - New layout and features

We changed the site layout and we added some features, you are now able to customize the html code of your profile page and also upload a header image for your profile page.

01 Jan 2011 - "Best price" policy

Starting 1 Jan 2011 mmfiles introduces the "best price policy" (click to read more).

08 Oct 2010 - Send file feature

We added a new feature, you can now send files to users, a zip file can be attached to any private message sent to a user.

01 Aug 2010 - Favorite authors functionality

You can now have a list of your favorite authors, you will receive an email when a favorite author uploads a new file. You can you can view/delete favorite authors here.
To add a favorite author, click the button on author's url:

adding an author to your favorites

10 Apr 2010 - New banners available

Few more banners are available under banners page. Use them to link to mmfiles and earn affiliate commissions. Note that there are more linking methods including a javascript that would show latest files in a floating bar, details on the affiliates page.

02 Apr 2010 - New features: collections

We added a "collections" feature, also known as "lightboxes" on some other sites. It allows users to create groups of files, this is useful when you want to set a list of files to be purchased, or for affiliates that want to refer clients to a certain collection of files.
You can view current collections or manage your own collections.
On listing details pages you can add listing to an existent or to a new collection.

09 Feb 2010 - New affiliate tools: top bar with latest files

We created an affiliate tool/script; By pasting a html code in your site, a top bar will appear with latest mmfiles files (just like the top bar at ). Links will contain your affiliate id so you will earn commission for the users you send. Click here for details: affiliate bar.

21 Jan 2010 - Users can become members of authors

Users are now allowed to become "members" of certain authors, by becoming members, users can download any file from that author for free, this also includes all future files (if they didnt cancel their membership).
Users can become members for a small monthly fee and a one-time signup fee (set by author).
Users can become members by clicking the "become a member" button on profile pages.
Authors can set their prices on pricing page, under "my account".

16 Jan 2010 - You can now invite your contacts

You can now invite your contacts to mmfiles. You can include your affiliate link to earn 40% of what your invited members will spend, or if you are an author, you can include a link to your profile with the send message.

9 Jan 2010 - Small updates

Now you can browse all listings from a user by clicking previous/next buttons under the listing preview, until now these buttons only allowed you to navigate thrugh current category or all listings, now you can navigate in current author. Look for these buttons:

go to newer listing from usergo to older listing from user

24 Dec 2009 - Affiliate links in MMFILES feed

Affiliates are now able to load our RSS feed and have their affiliate ID attached to the links in the feed.
For this you need to add your ID to the feed URL, for example: where xx is your affiliate ID.
With this feature affiates are able to post a list of latest files on their site (thrugh an XML news reader) and earn from visitors they send. For more details and your exact feed URL visit affiliates page.

23 Dec 2009 - More earnings for affiliates

Starting 23 December 2009 we are paying our affiliates even more. Affiliates will earn 40% of first 3 payments made by the buyers they send to mmfiles. 40% + 40% + 40%.
Other sites pay 30% or less and only for first payment.
Start earning today by placing mmfiles banners on your site.

1 Dec 2009 - Bonus files

In December we are offering many bonus files for our buyers.
Buyers that load $80 or more to their mmfiles account can download all these bonus files; the money you add as client can be spent on anything you like, the other files are a bonus, over $300.00 value.

23 Sep 2009 - Custom work

Custom flash work services are now available at

08 Aug 2009 - Private messages

Private messages between users are now available, on listing pages and on user pages you will see "contact user" links.

06 Jul 2009 - Bulk orders discounts

Authors can now offer a discount for users that chose to buy all their files at once.
Authors can set tThis percent can be set under set discout page.
Users will be able to click "buy all files" from a listing page or from author page if author has this discount set.

24 Jun 2009

Some minor changes, authors can now see the buyer for each sale, this is available under "my sales" page.

29 Jan 2009

We updated the category pages, now you can sort listings by date, price, sales, rating and you can chose the number of items to be displayed at once.

07 Dec 2008 web site is online.