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MMFILES Affiliate program


You can send users to mmfiles by a link containing apage=your_user_id.
The variable can be added to any page in the site, not just the main page.

When you send visitors to mmfiles thrugh your affiliate link, we will track them by cookies, if the user registers... you earn 40% of the amount they load in their first 3 payments. For example if a user ads $100, you receive $40, then another 40% on second payment and another 40% on 3rd payment.

Linking methods

By direct link:

By Affiliate banners

By RSS feed. If you load our feed with your affiliate id attached, links inside the feed will contain your id:

By inviting users.

By placing a top bar with latest mmfiles listings on your site.

NEW: By placing a text widget with latest mmfiles listings on your site.

See your stats

To view your stats visit your affiliate statistics page.